• Yogitone

    Condition and tone to ease the stress.


    PILATES:  Pilates is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the whole body. The blend of strength and flexibility training improves posture, reduces stress and is fantastic for those seeking rehabilitation from injuries (Pilates is often recommended by doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors)

  • Weekend warrior

    Push hard to your limits.

    Weekend warrior

    Are you tough enough? This circuit challenge workout uses a variety of different exercise stations, from press ups, to lunges, to Burpees and everything in between, in order to target every muscles in your body and push it to the max, whilst giving you a cardio workout as you run between stations. Tough but so effective.

    • David

  • Recomposition Training

    Build muscle, burn fat.

    Recomposition Training

    Fit is the new skinny, the quickest way to get in shape and tone up. Designed for men and women of all abilities. Guaranteed results!

    • Tom

    • Pete

  • P90X

    Hot, sweaty, hard and effective.


    MELT: A transformational workout encompassing the pyramid technique. Training all muscle groups in multi-plane, with aerobic and anaerobic phases. This interval class will challenge and push your body to the MAX!

  • Abs Blast

    Crunch to a six pack.

    Abs Blast

    There’s no hiding what this class does. It just gives you fantastic abs, helping you get a flat stomach and a toned mid section. Get ready to crunch, plank and sit up to a tummy you’re happy with. There’s no time like the present to prepare for that holiday on the beach!

    • Penny

  • Aqua

    Dive straight in!


    Take a dip into our sensational pool, but don’t feel too guilty about relaxing when you join in with our Aqua class. Grab your floats and get ready for a fun and effective water workout. Keeping those joints submerged stops any impact pain or discomfort, but still gets your heart beats up and your muscles toned.

    • Sam

    • Leonie

  • Total body workout

  • Insanity

    Train INSANE or remain the same


    INSANITY: Train INSANE or remain the same! Insanity classes begin with an accelerated warm up and move into three intense blocks of exercises, each one targeting a different element of fitness. The cardio-based, total-body conditioning programme is based on ‘max interval training’, supposedly a faster way of burning calories (of up to 1,000 calories per class!) Instructors provide low-impact options for each move so the class is accessible to all fitness levels. It’s time to DIG DEEP!

    • Penny

  • Intermediate Yoga

    Try A New Salutation.

    Intermediate Yoga

    Once you’ve begun practicing the ancient system designed to stimulate the mind, body and soul, you won’t want to stop. Take it to the next level with intermediate yoga, as you develop your breathing techniques and perfect your posture.

    • Katya

  • Combat & Conditioning

    Punch It, Kick It, Tone It.

    Combat & Conditioning

    You’ve got that aggression, now use it to fight the fat and tone up those muscles. This class will use a combination of combat style movements to raise your heart rate, before conditioning your arms and legs with a variety of interval exercises.

  • L.B.T

    Tone Up Those Troublesome Areas.


    LEGS, BUMS & TUMS: A class for all those areas that require that bit more special attention! This class will really challenge those legs, bums and tums. Fantastic class to get you ready for the beach!

    • Sam

  • Early worms

    Rise and Shine To Fitness.

    Early worms

    Get up early, and feel like you’ve done something worthwhile, Ideal for everyone! Focusing on strength & conditioning exercises, circuit class with the use of equipment at a number of stations such as barbells/battle ropes/kettle bells etc Circuit class is simply a body weight based circuit which focuses on cardio & toning exercises

    • Tom

    • Pete

  • High Energy Circuit

    Go Hard, or Go Home.

    High Energy Circuit

    High energy and high intensity interval training, and when we say high intensity, we mean it. Make sure your trainers are on tight as this class will work you to your absolute maximum, give you a quick break, and then do it all over again.

    • Jackie

  • Piyo

    PIYO is a unique blend of strength training and core conditioning – a perfect combination of Pilates and Yoga set to vibrant music. It is all about energy, power and rhythm. This is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. If there is one class that can change your body – THIS IS IT!

    • Penny

  • BodySculpt

    Body Sculpt – A combination of traditional body sculpting methods using free weights, resistance bands and your own body! Designed to provide you with a total body workout in 45 minues! Good for all levels.

  • Circuit & Abs

    Carry on burning calories long after you finish a workout with High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. You work hard in intense bursts of activity with a brief recovery time to kick your metabolism into overdrive. Suitable for intermediate members.

  • Boot camp

     Challenge yourself with this fast- paced, calorie-blasting workout, usng the traditional Boot Camp style approach. Boot Camp is geared toward all fitness levels. Modifications are always offered for the beginner to the advanced. 

  • SH1FT


    SH1FT is Smart High Intensity Functional Training that allows people of every fitness level to train smarter and stay fit for life. SH1FT workouts blend the best of HIIT with smart functional fitness. Your own bodyweight is the tool you’ll use to build aerobic fitness, a stronger core and lean muscles as you sweat through simple progressions that work for all fitness levels.

  • Body Transformation training

  • Yogi-Blend

  • Yogi Roots

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