• 30 Minute max

  • Aerobic Mix

    Top tunes, top workout.

    Aerobic Mix

    There’s no fancy frills with this class, just some fantastic music, and a good proper aerobics workout. Raise your heart rates and get burning fat from the get go, as you dance around the studio to a fun and effective, traditional aerobics routine.

    • Laura

  • Aerobix mix

    Fight to better fitness.

    Aerobix mix

    Like Aerobics? Like Combat? Why not do both in one class! Aero Kick will give you a great aerobics workout, raising you heart and breathing rates, all whilst teaching you some fantastic combat moves. Punch, kick, hit and fight your way to a fitter, healthier you!

    • John

  • Zumba

    Get out those dancing shoes.


    Get your wiggle on and get ready for Zumba, the classic fitness party! It’s all about the great music and the engaging instructor, as you just pick up those feet and start dancing, anyway you like! Of course, there is a routine to follow, but don’t worry if you can’t quite get it…just have fun!


    • Jane

  • Aero Tone

    Double the class, double the results.

    Aero Tone

    Two of the most popular classes ever, stripped right back to basics. Aero Tone is just the shortened version of aerobics and toning, but don’t be fooled, this class doesn’t cut any corners or miss anything out. Get burning some calories, and then tone all those stubborn areas on your body!

    • Carol

  • Insanity/px90/Shift

    Train INSANE or remain the same!


    Train INSANE or remain the same! Insanity classes begin with an accelerated warm up and move into three intense blocks of exercises, each one targeting a different element of fitness. The cardio-based, total-body conditioning programme is based on ‘max interval training’, supposedly a faster way of burning calories (of up to 1,000 calories per class!) Instructors provide low-impact options for each move so the class is accessible to all fitness levels. It’s time to DIG DEEP!

    • Danny

  • Body FX

    Build up your muscle, burn off the fat

    Fit is the new skinny. For girls and guys alike, Body FX is the perfect class to tone those muscles throughout your body, as each workout targets your arms, legs, bums and abs, giving you great definition, helping you slim down and build solid muscle. Strip the fat, and get ripped.

    • Leanne

    • John

    • Emily

  • Pilates

    Condition and Tone to ease the stress.


    Reduce tension, strength your core and centre of balance, and ease any muscles in your body, with an effective Pilates class, suited for all ages and abilities. You don’t need to be as flexible or strong as yoga, just get ready to relax all parts of your body – perfect for easing any aches and pains you might have.

    • Debbie

    • Carol

  • Melt

    Hot, sweaty, hard and effective.


    This high intensity interval training workout will have the sweat dripping off you, and the fat just melting away, as you burn hundreds of calories in specific time intervals, proven as the best, most effective workout method.

    • Penny

    • Leonie

  • Abs Blast

    Crunch to a six pack.

    Abs Blast

    There’s no hiding what this class does. It just gives you fantastic abs, helping you get a flat stomach and a toned mid section. Get ready to crunch, plank and sit up to a tummy you’re happy with. There’s no time like the present to prepare for that holiday on the beach!

    • Emily

  • L.B.T

    Tone up those troublesome areas.


    It’s a classic for a reason. One class which target all three of the most annoying areas on our body which need toning. Legs, Bums and Tums. Each class is different, using a variety of exercises and movements to hit those thighs, condition those butts, and work those abs and obliques hard.

    • Leonie

    • Laura

    • John

    • Cheryl

  • Yoga

    Relax the mind, relax the body.


    Set your intention for the practice and let all your stress and worry evaporate, as our yoga workout helps you relax, stretches your muscles, and conditions your body in a gentle but effective way. From downward dogs to chaturangas, yoga is a great way to improve your strength and flexibility.

    • Katya

  • Tone and Pump

    Fantastic class to get you ready for the beach

    Tone and Pump

    A class for all those areas that require that bit more special attention! This class will really challenge those legs, bums and tums. Helping you slim down and build solid muscle. Strip the fat, and get ripped. Fantastic class to get you ready for the beach!

  • Equipment demo

    Equipment demo

    To show our members the correct way of using the kit and why it is beneficial, to ensure members safety, convenience and equipment care. For members who have not exercised before or are coming back to regular exercise.

  • XMAS abs booty

    NEW; High intensity class with a mixture of Yoga and Pilates

  • Boot camp

    Boot camp/Circuits: Ideal for everyone! Focusing on strength & conditioning exercises, Bootcamp is a circuit based class with the use of equipment at a number of stations such as barbells/battle ropes/kettle bells etc Circuit class is simply a body weight based circuit which focuses on cardio & toning exercises

  • Boxfit

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