• Spin

    Let's go for a ride.


    Strap your feet in and get cycling. Our spin classes are designed to get your heart rates up to their maximum, and have you burning as many calories as possible. Sit down, stand up, sprint and climb. We’ll take you on a journey to increased fitness and weight loss from our spinetc. studio.

    • Tom

    • Paul

    • Nigel

    • Jonathon

  • Extreme Abs

    Crunch To a Six Pack.

    Extreme Abs

    There’s no hiding what this class does. It just gives you fantastic abs, helping you get a flat stomach and a toned mid section, but it’s no basic tummy workout. Get ready to crunch, plank and sit up to a tummy you’re happy with. There’s no time like the present to prepare for that holiday on the beach!

    • Paul

  • Aqua

    Dive Straight In.


    Take a dip into our sensational pool, but don’t feel too guilty about relaxing when you join in with our Aqua class. Grab your floats and get ready for a fun and effective water workout. Keeping those joints submerged stops any impact pain or discomfort, but still gets your heart beats up and your muscles toned.

    • Debbie

    • Caron

  • Pilates

    Condition and Tone to Ease The Stress.


    Reduce tension, strengthen your core and centre of balance, and ease any muscles in your body, with an effective Pilates class, suited for all ages and abilities. You don’t need to be as flexible or strong as yoga, just get ready to relax all parts of your body – perfect for easing any aches and pains you might have.

    • Debbie

  • Smash Hiit

    Go Hard, or Go Home.

    Smash Hiit

    HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, and when we say high intensity, we mean it. Make sure your trainers are on tight as this class will work you to your absolute maximum, give you a quick break, and then do it all over again.

    • Martin

  • Metafit

    One Class, Huge Impact.


    METAFIT: Is an effective and simple workout that gets big results. Burns fat you need to change the resting metabolism, work big muscle groups with simple un choreographed, high intensity intervals and get quick results.

    • Jonathon

  • Dancersise

    Get Out Those Dancing Shoes.


    Get your wiggle on and get ready for dancercise, the classic fitness party! It’s all about the great music and the engaging instructor, as you just pick up those feet and start dancing, anyway you like! Of course, there is a routine to follow, but don’t worry if you can’t quite get it…just have fun!

    • Debbie

  • Boxing Circuit

    Fight The Fat.

    Boxing Circuit

    Get your fists raised, and get ready to punch and strike away that fat with this high energy all over body cardio workout. You’ll learn some great boxing moves, get your hearts racing fast, and kick start your metabolism into losing weight, with bag work, skipping and 1-on-1 padwork. Just don’t let your guard down!

    • Paul

  • Firm & Burn

    Tighten And Tone Those Muscles.

    Firm & Burn

    Using a combination of studio equipment including steps, hand weights and resistance bands, this class will target every single muscle in your body, flexing, strengthen and toning, as well as providing a great cardio workout too.

    • Paul

  • Body Combat

    Attack The Cellulite.

    Body Combat

    Feet apart, arms raised, ready to roll. Les Mills Body Combat are firm favourite, and it’s easy to see why. Great tunes and non stop workout routines that are designed to burn calories and help you lose weight, all whilst teaching you some amazing defensive routines that could be useful one day.

    • Debbie

    • Caron

  • Ultimate Spin

    It’s No Cycle In The Park.

    Ultimate Spin

    This spin class will get your heart rate up super fast, and get you burning calories from the get go. There’s no time for messing around, so jump on your bike and get those legs moving right now, arms flexing, and lungs breathing. You’ll feel the benefits immediately!

    • Paul

  • Express Pump/Abs Attack

    It’s Two For One.

    Express Pump/Abs Attack

    No time for a normal pump class? Try Express Pump instead, fast and furious strength and endurance building workout, hitting those legs and arms, before finishing with a focus on those troublesome abdominal muscles.

    • Caron

  • Body Pump

    Build Muscle, Burn Fat.

    Body Pump

    Fit is the new skinny. For girls and guys alike, Pump is the perfect class to tone those muscles throughout your body, as each workout targets your arms, legs, bums and abs, giving you great definition, helping you slim down and build solid muscle. Strip the fat, and get ripped.

    • Debbie

    • Caron

  • Bulletproof core

    Increase That Muscle Power.

    Bulletproof core

    Get the power you want and tone up those muscles to perfection, with this strength and conditioning class which well help combat those bingo wings and tone up those thighs.

    • Martin

  • Bulletproof strength and conditioning

    Can You Beat It?

    Bulletproof strength and conditioning

    There’s no hiding with this class. You’re instructor will be watching, encouraging and pushing you on to achieve your personal bests.

    • Tom

    • Martin

  • Insane Challenge

    Are You Up For It?

    Insane Challenge

    Is your body up for the challenge, as you push yourself through a variety of high intensity aerobic exercises, plyometrics movements like twisting, turning, jumping and lunging, and a number of other weight, abs and endurance circuits?

    • Paul

  • Plyo & Weights

    Stretch and Tone To The Max.

    Plyo & Weights

    Plyometric movements have been proven to strengthen, stretch and challenge your muscles to their best of their ability, as you perform a variety of jumping and turning exercises, along with separate weight challenges to target those arms as well.

    • Paul

  • Body Sculpture

    Get That Dream Figure.

    Body Sculpture

    Tone every part of your body, including your lips and cheek, as you laugh and smile along with this fun, often hilarious class, that’s still completely effective. Using steps and hand weights, you’ll gently tone every part of your body.

    • Jonathon

  • Diva Fever

    Dance and Sing Your Heart Out.

    Diva Fever

    For pure and simple dancing pleasure, Diva Fever will get your bums wiggling and your feet shuffling, as you dance around the room like no-ones watching, to some of the very best tunes from divas from the 50s and 60s, right through to the noughties.

    • Jonathon

  • LBT

    Relax and Revive.


    LEGS, BUMS & TUMS:  A class for all those areas that require that bit more special attention!  This class will really challenge those legs, bums and tums.  Fantastic class to get you ready for the beach!

    • Caron

  • Body Blast

    FULL-OUT attcak on your body

    Body Blast

    Fitness class for all levels to deliver MAXIMUM result in 45min. Working complete muscle group for a FULL-OUT attack on your body. Intense exercise– mixing up the norm guaranteed to make you work– burning FAT and sculpting muscle. Great for beginners as well as advanced with routines change weekly

    • Debbie

  • warrior camp

    BOOTCAMP/CIRCUITS/ FAST CIRCUIT: Ideal for everyone! Focusing on strength & conditioning exercises, Bootcamp is a circuit based class with the use of equipment at a number of stations such as barbells/battle ropes/kettle bells etc Circuit class is simply a body weight based circuit which focuses on cardio & toning exercises

  • XPro Challenge

    Fitness class for all levels to deliver MAXIMUM result in 45min. Working complete muscle group for a FULL-OUT attack on your body. Intense exercise– mixing up the norm guaranteed to make you work– burning FAT and sculpting muscle. Great for beginners as well as advanced with routines change weekly

    • Paul

  • rock hard abs

  • Yoga tone

  • Yoga Flow

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